A focus on whole, natural ingredients and a primarily vegetarian diet can benefit anyone, from growing families to career professionals to elderly loved ones. With a truly customized palette based on each client’s dietary needs, I can create healthy meals to suit picky eaters, allergy sufferers, busy moms and people looking to lose weight, manage their health, or rely on a carefully managed diet as part of a medical regimen. Let’s work together to find the right menu for you or your family.

Private Chef

As a trained private chef, I create meals for a variety of special occasions, from fully catered birthdays to dinner parties with completely customized menus. Whenever possible, I utilize locally-sourced seasonal ingredients and incorporate vegetable-first dishes into the meal plan, although I work closely to meet each client’s palette and preferences.

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Meal Delivery

I work closely with my clients to develop meal plans based on their likes and dislikes alongside any health concerns, dietary restrictions, or food allergies. Each meal is packaged in an eco-friendly container and is delivered on a flexible schedule based on client availability and needs.

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Nutrition Coaching

Visiting with clients in their homes, I act as a nutrition coach, helping them develop healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes for their everyday cooking, while also conducting pantry makeovers, where we restock their pantry with carefully selected clean ingredients and show them how to make healthy choices in their regular cooking.

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Cooking Classes

I host both group and one-on-one cooking classes, including dinner parties where friends can cook and then enjoy a meal together. Each class is fully customized based on client requests, and can include topics such as nut-free cooking, vegan and vegetarian recipes, raw cooking, cooking for allergies or gluten sensitivity, and basic knife skills.

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