About The Chef

“It was so helpful to me, and I was able to lose weight because of her calorie conscious meals.”

– Alice Cutler

“I have various dietary and religious restrictions and Elyse is always thinking of new and unique ways to prepare meals for me.”

– Allison Hoffman

“My wife and I always say that it is so great to eat gourmet restaurant quality food without all of the oil and butter restaurants use.”

– Kenneth Squire and Lori Bordonaro

“She really does make sensationally tasty food that’s healthy.”

– Jen Jones Kluczkowski & Ali Van Putten

“Elyse is a wonderful chef! Her food is always tasty and delicious, made to the customer’s special requirements. Her presentation is impeccable and always efficient in her timing and very nice to work with!”

– Agapi Stassinopoulos

“Even the non-vegans are still talking about how delicious it all was.”

– Robyn Calder

“Her dedication to her client, respect for food and flexible nature make her a pleasure to work with. At the end of the day it’s the food that is what really counts. It is evident that she loves what she does with every bite that we took.”

– Kimberly Kelly

“Elyse is a great chef that always brought positive, happy energy when she came to cook. Her food is delicious and healthy.”

– Danielle Gregory

“We agreed on a menu that was spectacular, but we were also pleasantly surprised with small extras that were the perfect touch to an already incredible ensemble of dishes.”

– Katie Gannet

“Elyse is an amazing chef that has a calm, positive, and focused manner. We hired her for a “couples night in” dinner. We had an array of choices from appetizers to dessert. From start to finish, her food is exciting, healthy and delicious.”

– Maureen Zurlo

About Elyse Prince


As the mother of two young kids, I understand how time-consuming preparing healthy food each week can be, yet I also understand how vital that food is to our overall well-being and happiness. That’s why I use my cooking as a way to help people eat well, manage their health, and understand the keys to good nutrition in their everyday lives. I use organic, local, and seasonal ingredients whenever possible in all my cooking with a focus on vegetarian meals that are great-tasting, nutritious, and cost-effective. From customized meal delivery to cooking classes to dinner parties, I help people find the healthy food solutions they need to live their fullest lives.


The kitchen is my canvas where I create food that reflects my Jewish background, travels and interests. I focus on natural, whole foods and ingredients—vegetarian cooking that is good for you, and, most importantly, delicious.


I am a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts Chef Training Program in New York City and a member of the United States Personal Chef Association.