Private Chef Clients

“After recovering from knee surgery I needed someone who could prepare food for me.  I was fortunate to find a Elyse Prince. She lovingly prepared healthy and nutritious meals for me which she was able to deliver to my home.  It was so helpful to me, and I was able to lose weight because of her calorie conscious meals.”

– Alice Cutler, Restaurateur of Carmine’s Restaurant and other NYC Institutions

“I love working with Elyse! I was looking for someone who could make food that both tasted delicious and was healthy – and Elyse consistently meets the challenge.  Elyse offers so much variety and everything I have had is great.  I have various dietary and religious restrictions and Elyse is always thinking of new and unique ways to prepare meals for me.  Also, Elyse is just so wonderful to work with – my kids and I both adore her.  As a working mom, it’s a huge relief to be able to come home and know that I’m eating a nutritious meal!.”

– Allison Hoffman, Executive Vice President of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.

“We have had Elyse to cater small dinner parties at our home and we regularly use her weekly dinner delivery service. The food is so good that it is hard to believe that she is using healthy ingredients. She has totally expanded my dietary horizons and I am much healthier because of it. My wife and I always say that it is so great to eat gourmet restaurant quality food without all of the oil and butter restaurants use.”

– Kenneth Squire and Lori Bordonaro, Emmy Award Winning Reporter at WNBC

“Elyse Prince is a talented, creative and conscious chef.  Simply put, her food rocks and people love it.  We’ve hired her to cater corporate events for our clients and received nothing but glowing reviews.  Of course, we’ve personally reviewed her food too and give it a big thumbs up!  You’ll always want seconds of Elyse’s food, but the best part is…you don’t have to feel guilty about it.  She really does make sensationally tasty food that’s healthy.”

– Jen Jones Kluczkowski & Ali Van Putten, CEO MindfreshWell Fed NYC

“Elyse is a wonderful chef! Her food is always tasty and delicious, made to the customer’s special requirements. Her presentation is impeccable and always efficient in her timing and very nice to work with!”

– Agapi Stassinopoulos, Speaker and Author

Elyse is a wonderfully talented chef.  She prepared a delicious vegan Christmas feast for myself and my non-vegan multi-generational family.  We loved that the food was creative, nutritious, well-balanced and very tasty! Even the non-vegans are still talking about how delicious it all was. I highly recommend her to cater your next meal.

– Robyn Calder, Director of Program Development at ELMA Philanthropies

“My boss hired Elyse hoping to lose weight, feel healthier and of course enjoy food.  It was apparent during my first interaction with her that this was going to be a fun ride. Elyse made it clear that when it came to food there was no limit to what you can eat while still keeping it healthy. She really listened and took my boss’ favorite foods always into consideration. I told her that my boss loved smoothies, meat, and had a sweet tooth. I never thought it would be possible to incorporate that into a healthy diet that also met his nutritionists requirements. Turns out the very next day my boss was raving about an almond butter and banana smoothie. My boss was meeting his weight loss targets and felt better at age 40 then he did in his 20’s…Her experience with different dietary needs, cooking styles and ingredients set her apart from the rest… Her dedication to her client, respect for food and flexible nature make her a pleasure to work with. At the end of the day it’s the food that is what really counts. It is evident that she loves what she does with every bite that we took.”

– Kimberly Kelly, Schutjer Bogar, LLC

“Elyse is a great chef that always brought positive, happy energy when she came to cook.  Her food is delicious and healthy. I couldn’t wait to get home to taste everything she was making.  Another positive was how clean she left our kitchen and drawers when she was done cooking.”

– Danielle Gregory, Personal Chef Client

“Elyse Prince puts on a five star evening from start to finish. I wanted to make a special night for my husband and I for his birthday and after our baby was born and it was absolutely perfect. Elyse was so easy to work with, flexible, friendly, and professional.  We agreed on a menu that was spectacular, but we were also pleasantly surprised with small extras that were the perfect touch to an already incredible ensemble of dishes. Last, everything tastes amazing. We had Fillet Mignon which was cooked to absolute perfection. All the surrounding dishes were delicious. Could not have asked for anything more from the best restaurant in NYC. Would highly recommend hiring Elyse for your cooking needs!”

– Katie Gannet, Personal Chef Client

“Elyse is an amazing chef that has a calm, positive, and focused manner.  We hired her for a  “couples night in” dinner. We had an array of choices from appetizers to dessert.  From start to finish, her food is exciting, healthy and delicious.
She worked very efficiently and even cleaned up the kitchen. It was an absolute delight working with Elyse and we will definitely recommend her to friends and colleagues.”

– Maureen Zurlo, Personal Chef Client

“As working parents with two young kids, we don’t know what we would do without Elyse. She was recommended by a friend and we now look forward to her meals every week. She offers healthy, clean food that tastes delicious and is catered to our tastes. Elyse’s creativity and love of food shine through in all her meals, which are cooked to perfection.  “

– Jennifer Korff, Personal Chef Client

“Chef Elyse has been a dream to work with. My son has a very specialized diet due to food allergies and intolerances. Elyse took my concerns seriously and came up with creative ways to get nutrious food into our 5 year old. She is a true professional with an abundance of natural talent!”

– Kimberly Ram, Personal Chef Client

“We gave Elyse a big challenge, to cook for our busy family of picky kids (and parents!) while keeping everything very healthy. She really came through, preparing consistently delicious snacks, meals, and even desserts – that were still great for our minds and bodies. In addition, her personality and attitude were wonderful, and she was a great team player in a hectic environment. I can absolutely recommend Elyse to anyone wanting to eat better and feel better!”

– Amanda, Personal Chef Client

“She helped introduce me to nuances in cooking and prepared food. Little eccentricities, that I never deemed imaginable. I was not a fan of greens, more specifically salads. She introduced me to the authenticity of healthy fats that make a salad more enjoyable. I fell in love with affection for avocado and now see the redeemable qualities in cooking with healthy fats and how they make everything more flavorful. I learned to embark on a love affair with Superfood greens and essential oils from Elyse. Her recipes and cooking are tantamount to any organic avenue or route I have ever toured.”

– Ariel Fixler, CEO & Founder of Fixed Naturally

“When I decided to treat my sister to a “Day of Wellness,” I knew it had to include a meal that was going to be delicious and make us feel good, too. A week after the meal, my sister and I are still raving about it to everyone we talk to. Our bellies were full with real food, everyone at the table was smiling and laughing, and we had leftovers to look forward to the next day… now that’s what I call an epic meal.”

– Liz Kennedy, Personal Chef Client

“We highly recommend Elyse to anyone who would like to eat better. The food she makes is absolutely delicious, and healthy (yes, my daughter and husband are actually eating vegetables and enjoying them!) Instead of scrambling for takeout or grabbing junk food, it was wonderful to be able to reach for a nutritious meal – like her spinach and turkey mini baked meatballs and gluten-free pasta with carrot and white bean tomato sauce! We are devastated we can no longer enjoy Elyse’s delicious creations since moving to London. We really can’t say enough good things about Elyse and will miss her delightful presence in our home.”

– Claudia Simmons, Personal Chef Client

“My family, friends and I have been benefitting from Elyse’s culinary talents for almost a year. Her meals are delicious, fresh, professionally prepared and delivered right to my kitchen. There has never been a doubt since I met her as to her passion for cooking and upmost pride in what she makes. In addition, the selection is tremendous and we haven’t been bored or disappointed.”

– Aela Morgan, Personal Chef Client

“The appetizers were absolutely OUT OF THIS WORLD YUMMY! Our family was over the moon happy and full before the Thanksgiving meal they were so good. I was able to save some of them, so we can have more at Christmas.”

– DeAnnie Reader, Personal Chef Client

“After going back to work full time in the city after having my third baby, I was overwhelmed by the time and energy (neither of which I had) it took to meal prep each week. I desperately needed someone who could prepare healthy meals for me. Luckily, a friend pointed me in Elyse’s direction! She has worked with my diet restrictions to prepare wonderful, nutritious, home cooked meals using only the best (mostly organic) ingredients. She has a wide range of options so I never tire of what I’m eating and she has healthy treats to keep my sweet tooth at bay. She also works with my schedule and always tries to accommodate my last minute requests. I’ve been able to stay healthy and sane because of her!”

– Elizabeth Nieves, Personal Chef Client

“Elyse prepares creative and delicious food that my husband and I enjoy eating every week. One of the things that truly sets apart Elyse’s work from others is the variety and flavor of all the dishes she prepares. We never have to worry about getting tired of Elyse’s food because she is constantly suggesting new meals, which is something we really appreciate and value.”

– Alyssa, Personal Chef Client

“Amazing meal . Awesome person . Best valentines day dinner of all time!”

– Christopher Taussig, Personal Chef Client

“We have enjoyed working with Elyse for over a year.  We are vegetarian and she had always found a way to create some tasty options for us that are healthy and satisfying. She’s flexible and takes feedback well and really loves what she does!”

– Tribeca Couple, Personal Chef Client